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Dear visitors,

on this homepage you will find pictures of military and civil aircraft at aviation
events like airshows as well as on everyday service on airfields and airports.

Since visiting an open house in 1997 I am especially fascinated with the
technology and efficiency of modern as well as historic aircraft.

Tilll this day this fascination is unbroken and I am more than ever thrilled
to the experience what it needs to bring and keep those machines,
sometimes weighing several hundret tons, in the air.

I would like to invite you to take part in this experience about
the teamwork between man and machine.

These picture reports are not meant to represent a complete log of the
respective event. They should rather offer a short insight and therefore
can only be seen as a selection.

I do not want to to record registrations, I would rather like to spotlight on
technology, flying, a dynamic picture and, of course, the exprience itself.
Therefore you will only find few data and numbers regarding aircraft and
only few pictures of aircraft in profile -if any.The pictures on this website
are meant to represent motion and special angles, no tiring side-shots.
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